Privacy Policy

When you subscribe to and sign into our app, we fully respect the confidentiality of your data. This Policy applies to you, and others who access Cleaner (“app”).

By signing into our app, you explicitly consent us to access “Photos” application, as well as certain other service applications installed on your device and to analyze the available information within the scope set out in paragraph 1.1 below solely for the purposes specified in that paragraph.

If you are a California resident

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) California residents shall have the right to request:

Please mind that according to CCPA personal information does not include de-identified or aggregated consumer information.

Kinds of information we collect

    1. We only use (temporary process) the following information about you:

  1. Information, that directly relates to your use of the app. After you sign in to the app and set the relevant settings on your device we will have technical access to:

We do not collect, cache, transfer or store this information on our servers. The above information is stored on your device, it is inaccessible to us.

  1. Non-personal data, namely the following information about your device and your user behaviour that is processed automatically:

Information set out in this paragraph 1.1 is used solely for the purposes of:

Without such information, it is impossible to provide complete functionality of the app and perform the requested services.

1.2. For the avoidance of doubt, we don’t have access to the following information about you:


We use 'cookie' technology. A cookie is a very small text file that can be stored by the site on your computer's hard drive so that it can store your information and settings.  It does not detect any personal data, does not give us data to communicate with you, does not extract information from your smartphone and does not transmit viruses. In addition, your address information or account credentials are never stored in a cookie. Cookies are simply the most effective way for us to be able to offer you a seamless service. We may also use IP addresses to analyze trends, manage the app, detect traffic patterns, a manner of a user interaction with the app.

Sale of information

We do not sell any of your data to third parties.

Sharing of information

We will share your information with third parties only in the ways that are described in this Privacy Policy.

We will not rent or sell your personal data to any third parties, but we may share your information from tools like log files, and device identifiers and location data, with third-party organizations that provide automatic data processing technologies for the app. We do not control or influence these third parties’ tracking technologies or how they may be used.

We may engage the following third-party service providers in order to provide us with necessary infrastructure for delivery and improvement of our services:

Entity name

Services performed

Entity location

Link to Privacy Policy

Adjust GmbH

Analytics service provider

Germany Inc.

Cloud storage provider


Apple Inc.

Cloud storage provider


Facebook Inc.

Analytics / ad management service provider


Firebase (Google Inc)

Analytics service provider


In case you want to learn more about these services and their privacy options (including opt-out) please consult the correspondent websites and privacy policies.

Period of use of your data

Any information about you set out in paragraph 1.1 above will be deleted entirely once you unsubscribed from our app.


If you don’t want us to process your information any more please contact us through In most cases there is no way to maintain the app’s further operating without the data set out in paragraph 1.1 above, therefore, you will be advised to remove the app from your device.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy is updated regularly. Whenever we change this Privacy Policy, we will post those changes to this Privacy Policy and other places that we consider appropriate. Additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate under the circumstances may be provided to you.